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It’s not easy for publicly traded companies to achieve and sustain superior shareholder returns.  In fact, over the last thirty years, only 2 percent of Fortune 500 companies have been able to deliver shareholder returns in the top quartile of their industry for any consecutive five-year period.  However, there are chief executives who have delivered returns far in excess of their peers over extended periods of time and, in some cases, for more than one company during their careers.  Many of these chief executives have been advised by Scott Gillis (CEO) of Galt and his partners at Galt & Company.

Galt clients are some of the best know and best performing companies in their industries, included Coca-Cola, Gillette, Clorox, McCormick, BB&T, Alcan, Abbott Laboratories, MeadWestvaco, Caterpillar and others.  On average, Galt clients have delivered sustainable shareholder returns fifty-percent higher than their industry peers.

The systematic approach these corporations have used to develop the strategies and organizational capabilities required to achieve and sustain superior shareholder returns is profiled in “Belief, Behaviors & Results: The Chief Executive’s Guide to Delivering Superior Shareholder Returns”, written by Scott Gillis and his fellow founding partners, Lee Mergy and Joe Shalleck. Scott Gills (GALT CEO) and his partners have also been interviewed by Bloomberg and Fox Business Network for his expertise on strategic managemen